Seeks its own child object. When no child object exists, if the parameter timeout is not filled in, the process will be suspended until a child object is found. If "timeout" is filled in, the process will be suspended the time specified by the parameter before resuming to running.
WaitForChild is very important in handling the code running on the client. The ReWorld editor does not guarantee the time when the objects are copied from the server to the client and the copying sequence. This may lead to an interrupt when the script is indexing an object that does not exist yet.


Variable name Type Default Description
childName string The name of the object that needs to find
timeOut float Wait time

Return Value

Type Description
RWObject The child object that is found


Create a part. Wait by using WaitForChild() until the part is created, and then change its color.

local temp = RWObject.Create("Part") -- create a part
temp.Name = "NewPart"
temp.Position = Vector3.New(0,4,0)
temp.Color = Vector3.New(1,1,1) -- the color of the part is black
temp.Anchored = true
temp.Parent = WorkSpace
local findpart = WorkSpace:WaitForChild("NewPart") -- wait in WorkSpace until the part finishes loading
findpart.Color = Vector3.New(255,0,0) -- set its color to red