Moves all movable objects under Model according to the given increment.


Variable name Type Default Description
delta Vector3 movement increment


Create a model, a mesh part and a part. Respectively set the mesh part and the part as the children of the model, and perform split joint operation. Finally, move all movable objects under the Model object according to the movement increment.

wait(2) -- wait 2
local part1 = RWObject.Create("Part") -- create part1
part1.Position = Vector3.New(0,1,0) -- assign a vector to the part position
part1.Anchored = true -- anchor the part
local part2 = RWObject.Create("Part") -- create part2
part2.Position = Vector3.New(0,2,0) -- assign a vector to the part2 position
part2.Anchored = true -- anchor part2
local model = RWObject.Create("Model") -- create a model
part1.Parent = model -- set the parent of part1 as the model
part2.Parent = model -- set the parent of part2 as the model 
wait(1) -- wait 1
model:MakeSplitJoint() -- perform split joint operation to all part objects under Model
wait(1) -- wait 1
model:MoveOffset(Vector3.New(0,0,5)) -- move the movable objects under the model