Edits the opening state and settings for some functions in the game (for example, number of players, mini-map, rank screen, etc.).


        string    Name
    The custom name of this object.

        string    ClassName
    The object-type name.

        bool    isShow
    Check it to use.

        bool    isTeamShow
    Check it to display by team.

        bool    isShow
    Check it to use.

        float    distance
    Players mini-map view distance.

        int    Size
    Mini-map Size (Using default size if you don't set).

        int    startTime
    The in-game time when the server runs for the first time (unit: hour).

        int    minNum
    Players required to start game.

        int    maxNum
    Players the server can hold.

        int    FalenPartsDestroyHeight
    The distance to determine your Avatar's death when the Avatar falls from the horizon line.

        bool    NavMeshOpen
    When turned on, navigation mesh will be generated in maps to aid in bypassing obstacles in pathfinding automatically. However, as this function will increase games processing load, it is recommended not to turn it on if you don't need pathfinding.