BillBoardGui can display the stored UI objects in the game scene in a 3D form. To display UI objects under the display container control to players, BillBoardGui must be a child of an entity object, such as Part.


        string    Name
    The custom name of this object.

        string    ClassName
    The object-type name.

        RWObject    Parent
    The parent of this object.

        bool    KeepSacle
    Check to keep the control's size. Otherwise, the size will get bigger or smaller according to camera distance.

        bool    AlwaysOnTop
    Top layer or not.

        bool    ClipChild
    Check to show the exceeded part of child object when it exceeds the control border. Otherwise, the exceeded part will not be shown.

        Vector2    Size
    Set the size of this control.

        Vector3    Offset
    The offset distance relative to global coordinates.

        Vector3    WorldSpaceOffset
    The offset distance relative to screen coordinates.

        float    MaxDistance
    The control will not be seen when the player is over this distance.